Willkommen! Bienvenue! Welcome!

As per the title of this blog, I’m Matt, a fat bloke who mouths off on the internet.

By current standards I’m a bit of an old bastard. I’ve been around the place since the start of the nineties, when I got my first account on a university VMS system connected to AARNet.

That led to Usenet, and play-by-email Diplomacy games, and then eventually to being booted out for not paying enough attention to that whole “being a student” thing.

Eventually moved on to LiveJournal, and then when all my online friends had migrated to low-word-count services like Twitter and Facebook I more or less stopped writing much online.

But hey, here I am again.

So, some basics.

I’m a professional nerd. My background is in UNIX systems administration at a large-ish scale, looking after enterprise systems. But for the past four years I’ve been working in web accessibility, writing testing tools, helping with audits, and generally providing technical advice. I like doing this and plan to continue for the foreseeable future.

Outside of that I am politically left. If you call me a “Social Justice Warrior” I may be mildly annoyed, but only because I see myself as more of a Social Justice Mage — a squishy glass cannon rather than a burly plate-armoured tank.

This image found on Twitter, posted by sammy t., sums me up pretty well:

A box of wine labelled "Chillable Red"

I shall probably write about whatever strikes my fancy. There are a few things brewing in my head right now. Some of it will be technical, some will be political. There’ll be music, pop culture, short things, long things, and sweary things.

You Have Been Warned.

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